About Kat Stroscio Yoga

Kat Stroscio is dedicated yogi, dog mom and New England sports fan based in Hull, MA. As a former competitive dancer, she has always had a love for movement in music, and after spending the first ten years of her career sitting at a desk, she finally decided it was time to put away the computer and unroll her mat. After exploring yoga here and there, her love affair with the practice began in 2015 at her local gym in San Francisco. Two years later, she began her professional training on the West coast under Dana Damara, and she is currently pursuing her advanced certification in New England with Jacqui Bonwell. Kat is also a DoTerra Wellness Advocate with a love for essential oils, and she is certified in both Reiki I and CPR.

Kat’s mission is to make yoga accessible to anyone and everyone. No matter your age, size, race, mobility, background or spiritual beliefs, we all have the tools we need for yoga – the body and the breath. Kat strives to provide a safe space for students to decompress and find steadiness of mind, regardless of physical abilities. Her classes always incorporate feel good tunes, allowing students to use the music as a tool to find their own flow. She encourages her students to be present and challenge themselves beyond the limits of the mind, both on and off the mat. 

Questions or inquiries? Drop me a line!

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