How’s Everybody Doing Out There?

How has everyone been holding up? Really! How the heck are ya? And don’t jump to an answer. Think about it. Mull it over for a bit. Be honest about it. Write it down.

Process it. Scream into a pillow if you need to. Run a lap around your house. Call a friend. Have a good cry. Let it all out. Then… see if you can shift your perspective.

Try to choose joy. Choose kindness. Choose compassion. If it’s not happening today, that’s ok. Try again tomorrow, but keep trying until you can find it. We all need to walk through this in one way or another, and it will be a lot more bearable if we can find a way to walk through it with a positive outlook.

We’re doing ok out here in Hull, though we wish the weather would improve a bit! What have I been doing? It seems like a little bit of everything! Cooking, crafting, more cleaning than I would normally do in a week, and A LOT of yoga. This week’s recipe was actually inspired by one of my yoga/workout props, and the makeshift home studio is getting an extra plant or set of twinkle lights with every passing week.

Another big thing I got into this week, while it’s not usually my cup of tea, is a 90 day challenge hosted by Rachel and Dave Hollis, the author of last week’s book rec and her husband. Part of the challenge is something they call Five to Thrive, which are five things you do every single day to live your best life. I figured that without any outside motivation, there is a high probability I will get incredibly lazy and eat far too much over the next several weeks, so this challenge seemed like a welcome addition to keep me productive. After a little tweaking to fit my own life, I settled on my own Five to Thrive.

1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day – This may seem like a lot, but those of you who know me are well aware that I already carry around a 30 oz water bottle wherever I go. The problem is that I’m bringing it everywhere and not drinking enough of it, so it’s really just doubling as a 5 lb weight that I carry around in my purse! If you weigh 120 lbs, you only need to drink 2 of those bottles, which really doesn’t seem like all that much, and you now have a bathroom available for use every minute of the day.

2. Daily Meditation – One of the five is supposed to require getting up an hour earlier for some “me” time and to start your day intentionally. Matt and I already wake up early to read and relax separately while we have our coffee every day, so I didn’t feel that waking up even earlier was really necessary. My coffee time, however, had more recently turned into social media time, so instead of starting my day mindfully, I was watching funny dog videos or answering quizzes on Buzzfeed to find out which Disney Princess I would be in another lifetime. I decided to make this one a commitment to morning meditation, which I had been doing faithfully up until about a month ago when I fell off the wagon. Well, folks, we are back on and we’re feeling zen! I sage the space, pull an oracle card and meditate to nature sounds for ten minutes, followed by a pause to reflect. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been attempting to meditate for years, so this series of events didn’t work for me overnight!

3. Daily gratitude – Another thing I used to do was write in a gratitude journal, and then I stopped. Well, it’s part of the program, so I’m back at it again. It’s a nice habit to get into to start your day in a good place, and it only takes a few minutes. I’ve been doing this right after my meditation, and it doesn’t have to be anything major. For example, one of the five things I wrote down this morning was “the fact that I really don’t have to do anything today!” Inspirational, I know.

4. Move for 30 (additional) minutes every day – As a yoga instructor, I’ve been wondering how much I need to move every day outside of my teaching, especially now that everything is virtual and I actually have to do the entire class! It’s true that I don’t really get much cardio, but it’s also true that I loathe cardio! Matt has been encouraging me to start working out with him because it’s had such a positive effect on him over the past several months, so I went for a run with him over the weekend. Just a quick mile and a half, and I hated it, but I ran the whole time! To counter all the cookie dough and freshly baked bread I’ve been consuming since this quarantine started, I decided I could definitely commit to an additional 30 minutes. Some days it might be taking Molly for an extra long walk, and other days it might be a run with Matt. My friends just introduced me to The Fitness Marshall, and he will definitely be working his way into my daily routine!

5. Eat 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies, and no processed junk food! – I’ve been in the kitchen experimenting a lot over the past few weeks, which makes giving something up challenging. I know I haven’t been eating enough produce each day – I’m the person who buys the salad greens week over week with great intentions and ends up composting them 75% of the time. I decided that by adding more fruits and veggies to my plate, I would make sure I’m eating right and in turn have less room for the bad stuff. We also live around the corner from a Cumberland Farms, and Matt will often wander over mid-day, returning with a myriad of poor choices, i.e. Cheetos, Easy Mac and Butterfinger bars, just to name a few. I have put my foot down, and I will no longer indulge in the corner store delicacies that grace our kitchen on a regular basis.

With Tuesdays feeling more like Saturdays and baked goods being produced at a rapid rate in my kitchen, having these few goals on my list every day helps me to make sure I’m still showering regularly and expanding my food intake beyond breads and cheeses. Care to join me? What are five things that you can commit to every day? Write them down, or better yet, send them to me so I can check in on your progress from time to time 🙂

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