Mother (Nature) Knows Best

Hi, friends! Here we are again, and I can’t believe it’s already Friday again. This week flew by for me. Anyone else? This first lovely week of May has been pretty fruitful – the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and I’ve seen a lot of smiling faces pass by on my daily dog walks. I think this week was a turning point for a lot of us, including myself. Personally, I felt like I just buzzed right along, and it has become a little easier to find joy.

I ordered lobster rolls – My favorite food has been lobster since I was a wee child, and last weekend I thought Matt and I deserved a treat. We ordered from Jake’s down the street, a restaurant from which we haven’t been able to get take out until now because it’s so popular. Summer is officially here with the consumption of our first lobster roll!

I revived Saltwater Apothecary – I’ll add a link once it actually looks nice and I’m not completely horrified by my own photography skills, but this is basically my Etsy store where I plan to sell my crafty things. Last weekend I went to town mixing oils and making candles, so we’re slowly approaching a relaunch.

I made myself an office – I’ve had a desk and a craft set up on our third floor since we moved in, but it just wasn’t very welcoming and I never wanted to use it. Matt helped me rearrange the entire room, ordered me a new white desk to lighten it up and helped me organize a space that I actually want to use! I’m actually sitting here right now as I type! Just rearranging furniture can really freshen up your space, so if things feel a little stale, give it a try!

I hosted a Full Moon Circle – I’ve been wanting to host New/Full Moon circles since I jumped into my yoga career. I finally wrote it out and decided to host it virtually with my girlfriends. It was awesome, and I’m hoping to host more throughout the year! There’s a little exercise we did below for those of you who are interested in trying it out.

The word hope has come up a lot in the past several days. It seems like hope took a long hiatus and has finally re-entered the room, and I think we have Mother Nature to thank. Fitting, considering this Sunday is Mother’s Day, so here’s your reminder to call your mom!

First, spring finally arrived in Massachusetts. It brought so many people a rush of renewed energy and optimism. We were all starting to become a bit Vitamin D deficient, and getting outside has brought a whole new dimension to having to stay home. We’re happier, excited for the future and just learning to enjoy the present moment as it is. I’ve spoken to so many people who just in the past week have suddenly emerged from a funk or literally healed a physical ailment that has been lingering for weeks. We’re finally getting in touch with nature to realign those lower chakras!

Second, we experienced a powerful full moon in Scorpio. The full moon is typically a time to reflect on your last couple weeks and release anything from your life that isn’t serving you. Scorpio, however, really urges us to dive down into the depths of ourselves and uncover those dark traits that we keep sweeping under the rug. I’m talking about those ugly parts of ourselves that we all have but maybe don’t want to accept – jealousy, rage, control, greed, just to name a few. This moon really forces us to face those feelings head on, process them and figure out how to let them go in order to make room for something better. When we release the darkness, what we’re left with is hope for a brighter tomorrow.

We know that things will never go back to “normal,” so our only option is to adapt, making this full moon even more prominent in today’s world. While change is and has always been inevitable, no one said it was easy. There may be tearful goodbyes and painful endings, but we must trust that they will lead to new beginnings. There’s something new in store for all of us, but just like cleaning out your closet to make room for your summer clothes, we’ve got to shed our lives of the extra baggage that no longer serves us, be it a relationship, a work related matter, a mindset or a not-so-good habit you’ve picked up over the last few months. I know you may have grown attached to the sweater Grandma Pearl knit for you 15 years ago, but it’s stretched out, covered in holes and is taking up enough space to fit three sundresses. It wasn’t until I made the painful decision to leave my job at Getaround a few months ago, a place that had been my home for almost five years, that I finally started to step into the life I’m living now, and I’m so much happier. Doors started opening in every direction, but before they could, I had to let go of what felt comfortable to me.

You don’t need to know how it ends to have hope. You just need to make the conscious decision to have faith and find the light. I had no idea what would happen when I stepped off that ledge to start a new career, but I trusted myself enough to figure it out. Hold onto that renewed sense of hope this week brought, and don’t forget that sometimes you just need to breathe. Inhale the good stuff, exhale the bad.

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