Opportunity or Obstacle?

Happy Friday once again, my friends. How is everyone doing out there? It’s nice to finally see some kids baseball games happening in town, but watching the news continues to be frustrating and discouraging. I hope everyone is getting their fair share of Vitamin D and finding ways to fight the blues.

Just like everything else that’s up in the air right now, there has been a lot of uncertainty around the future of yoga and boutique studios. It has been a bit unnerving, to say the least, considering I decided to pursue this profession at the onset of a worldwide pandemic. Through it all, though, I’ve been really optimistic that the yoga community will bounce back, and maybe even become stronger. Studio owners have taken a big hit, that’s for sure, and they need all the support they can get right now. Along with supporting the studios for which I teach, check out classes with these amazing studio owners if you find yourself traveling around New England this summer.

Ebb & Flow Wellness – Onset, MA
If you’re heading down to the Cape or the South Coast, join Beth for some Stand Up Paddleboard yoga! They’ve also got a variety of outdoor and in-studio classes to choose from.

Yoga of Yarmouthport – Yarmouthport, MA
If you’re spending some time on the Cape this summer, go see my friend Deb for some Yoga Barre fusion! She’s also offering private lessons in her adorable studio space!

Treetop Yoga – Gloucester, MA
For all my North Shore folks, Erin has a beautiful studio in this seaside town. They are offering daily outdoor yoga as well as some boot camp and rowing classes!

Scarborough Yoga – Scarborough, ME
If you’re heading further north, stop by and see Andrea for your yoga fix! They are offering outdoor classes several times a week, and what could be better than breathing in that fresh Maine air?!

I questioned whether the timing of my career leap was unfortunate or serendipitous. On the surface, it may have seemed unlucky. So many people felt sorry that my choice came at a time when everything shut down. I wasn’t really sure what to think, but when my studios asked if I could teach virtually, my immediate answer was yes. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to come from a tech background at that moment! Because so many people were unable to teach online or chose not to, I got to add a few classes to my schedule, and I even started my own classes after realizing how much I enjoyed the virtual space. I even gained a few new opportunities with companies who wanted to offer virtual yoga to their employees, mostly in locations that would have been too far for me to physically drive to.

The time behind the camera gave me the perfect opportunity as a new teacher to refine my teaching skills. It was really easy for me to pretend that no one was watching, which really helped build my confidence and learn to pace a class well. Not to mention, I actually had to physically DO the entire class on camera instead of walking around the room, so it amped up my physical activity and allowed me to feel into where students may need some adjustment cues. Eventually, I learned to engage more with students, even though I couldn’t always see them on the screen. After four months of teaching online, I have learned so much about how to be a more effective teacher.

I guess my point is, do what you can, where you’re at with what you have. Sometimes opportunities don’t always present themselves as such. Learn to adapt, and you can come out the other side with a skillset you didn’t even intend to cultivate. You naturally find yourself better prepared for the next thing life throws at you. The universe will always drop little roadblocks in your path, no matter your goal, forcing you to prove to yourself that you really want something. Just don’t be discouraged by the obstacles. If you’re dedicated to crossing the finish line, you will find a way to conquer them, even if it takes time. Patience and persaverence, my friends.

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