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We’re almost there, friends! We’re getting closer and closer to returning to a world where we can once again hug each other, have dinner parties and go to the beach. Are you finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel? It’s getting brighter with every passing day! I know, I know. We’re not quite there yet. It will be different. All that aside, is anyone else finally looking forward to getting back out into the world instead of just wallowing over our current state? Massachusetts will slowly start to reopen this Monday, and experts are actually starting to report that we need to get out. Did anyone hit the golf course this week? That was a big event up here in the Bay State. Can’t say I did, but I did notice a few more families roaming the beaches and enjoying the parks. I also did a few other things…

Consumed a lot of Yoga Girl media – Podcasts, live classes, random articles – I’ve done it all this week! For some reason, I felt really drawn to Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, this week. Though she may have initially risen to fame by posting perfect bikini yoga poses on Instagram in 2010, I feel like her current values and way of life have been resonating with me more than a lot of other teachers in the yoga space right now. More on her content below!

Bought an inflatable paddle board – I’ve been wanting a paddle board for a few years, but it didn’t seem like a practical purchase until now, finally having access to the water. Last summer I tried paddle board yoga for the first time and fell in love, so my new hobby will soon be practicing my Warrior III in the bay until I no longer fall off the board. Hopefully by next summer, if my balance cooperates, I can teach a class!

Read this awesome article about making homemade piñatas– I haven’t done this myself, but I might convince Matt to get in on this with me this weekend! What could be better to relieve stress than building a paper mache Covid pinata and smashing it to pieces?! Great for those of you with kids or anyone with an upcoming birthday!

Taught myself how to sew – I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas in 2018. I finally learned how to use it. I have a bit of material that I’ve gathered over the past few years, so I see a lot of projects in my future, and maybe some additions to my future Etsy store. 

Aside from all that, I’ve been thinking a lot about the summer! I know we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but it’s ok to get excited! You play a huge part in creating your own life – it doesn’t just happen to you. Energy attracts similar energy. The more positivity we can surround ourselves with, the more positivity we will create. We underestimate the power of our own thoughts and intentions, but just getting prepared and documenting what we want our future to look like can have a major impact on where we end up. Things are still in limbo, but now is the time to get your affairs in order and plan your future life!

Create a vision board – I totally believe in the power of vision boards and make one at the beginning of every year. I kid you not when I say that most of what I add to my board every year actually happens. For 2019 I had photos of houses, dogs and even a random quote of which I didn’t know the origin – halfway through 2019 as I was reading Big Magic, I stumbled upon the exact quote. In 2020 I literally have the word “pivot” on my board – which is hilarious considering that it is probably the most overused word of the year at this point – and a bunch of photos about starting my yoga career. What does the rest of your 2020 look like? Get out your old magazines and start clipping, or avoid the mess and use Pinterest!

Make a game plan – Consider what life will be like in the coming weeks. How will it be different than before? What are your biggest fears for this new normal? Take a moment to list out changes that you may need to make and any fears you may have. Document how you would handle any of those scenarios. Do you need to wear masks everywhere? Make sure everyone in your household has a few. Afraid you may not see full time work immediately? Figure out what you will need to do to keep up with your bills, even if that’s looking for a new gig or moving back in with the parents for a while. The answers may not all be ideal, but being prepared for anything will make you feel a little more comfortable forging ahead. This may seem to contradict the power of manifesting, but think of this as having a safety net.

Have a social distancing meet up – I may be an introvert, but even I’m starting to miss interacting with humans. Social distance tailgating has become a thing, and I wish more of you lived locally so we could do this! Find a place where you can all park your cars at a safe distance, pop the hatch and meet for coffee. As long as you’re six feet away and in your own cars, the fresh air and latest gossip will do you some good!

Revisit your 2020 goals – You may have had big plans for 2020, and you still should. They may not look the same as they did back in January, but whether they are personal or professional goals, find a way to make them fit into your new reality. Goals have understandably taken a back seat over the past few months as we’ve been learning how to homeschool our children and cook three meals a day. Now that we’ve figured out some of that, maybe it’s time to bring the focus back to ourselves. Instead of giving up on your intentions for this year, get creative and make a few tweaks to keep them alive.

Get ready to be out there, guys! In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing. Support local businesses, friends in need and foundations who are giving back. Keep caring, cultivating and creating. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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